International Occupational Health Services &
Global Medical Solutions

For Clients Locally and Overseas

Established in 1980, Occucare International is the largest provider of occupational health services in the world with over 100,000 workers under our care in the US and worldwide. We care for workers locally, nationally, and abroad with medical service solutions tailored to your needs.

You will find us just the right size to be able to provide any custom solution you need, yet still offer personal service. Add to this a rigorous open communications policy and you get a company that can be successful with even the most demanding clients. Try us and see.

US Medical Services

Occucare International provides a complete range of occupational and related medical services at our medical centers in Texas. Alternatively, we can provide the services you wish at your location, anywhere in the US. We have conducted tens of thousands of medical assessments and physical examinations with 24 to 48 hour turnarounds. All medical centers offer a full range of injury treatment and management. See US Medical Services and Mobile Services

Overseas Medical Services (OCONUS)

More than of half of our medical professionals work for our global clients overseas where we offer medical services and solutions to meet the level of service you need. We can deploy a medical team anywhere in the world within 2 to 4 weeks. See International Travel Health Services and Overseas Medical Services & Solutions.

Offshore Assessments & Medicals

Occucare specializes in providing a vast range of assessments and medicals for offshore workers in the Oil & Gas industry, nationally and overseas. Our medical centers perform more Oil and Gas UK (OGUK) examinations than any other medical provider in Texas. We provide same-day results and certifications. Occucare can create individually tailored assessments and physical exams  conducted at one of our clinics or at your chosen location. See Offshore Assessments & Medicals

Every Occucare physician is a Certified Medical Review Officer and expert in OSHA and EMSHA regulations. We specialize in keeping OSHA recordables low for clients by way of aggressive management of injuries while still providing very high standards for care.

Whether you require a single assessment done locally or a comprehensive global medical care solution for your workers, Occucare International has the resources and flexibility to meet your needs.