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Occucare International is a family owned and operated occupational health service provider founded by Dr. Jerry McShane in 1980. Over the years Occucare has grown into the largest occupational health services provider in the world with over 100,000 workers under our care in the US and worldwide.

About Dr. Mac

Dr. Jerry McShane Dr. McShane, or Dr. Mac, was born and raised in Texas, USA. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Houston and a Master’s degree in Biochemistry from Sam Houston University. He then attended four years of medical school followed by an internship at the Dallas Fort Worth Medical Center.

Following completion of his hospital training, he began practicing medicine in his home town of Deer Park, Texas. He now has two additional clinics, one located in Houston and the other in Beaumont, Texas. With the exception of a small family practice associated with the Deer Park office, his efforts are virtually 100% dedicated to occupational medicine. Additionally, he has a fleet of six mobile units that provide onsite medical surveillance to industry.

A Family Concern

All of the medical operations are very much a family concern. Dr. McShane and his son, Dr. Rick, co-own the operation; Dr. McShane oversees the international business while Dr. Rick operates the US national business.

Recent Successes

Several years ago, Dr. McShane, along with Daniel Foisie, Vice President of Business Development, successfully bid on a number of US government and military contracts and now provide medical services throughout the Balkans and the Middle east.

In 2011, Occucare International participated in a joint venture and partnership with Gulf Healthcare International to open Occupational Health International (OHI). Located in Dubai, OHI is the first dedicated occupational health facility in the UAE and is able to handle 300 patients per day. Dr. McShane, CEO, and Daniel Foisie, COO, are both OHI board members and Dr. McShane serves as Chairman.

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